Burmese university authorities bullying their students

Posted on: June 25, 2007

If you read the following blog post, you may learn how Burmese University authorities are suppressing and bullying their students in the name of Burmese culture.

Before I pass through the UFL gate, I have to put my student id around my neck and as I pass through the gate, I can feel all eyes are on me. No, I’m not popular or anything. The ones who are watching are the ‘fashion police’ of UFL. When I mean by ‘fashion police’, I’m referring to the teachers stationed at the gate. Their job is to keep a lookout for students who aren’t wearing the id card, anyone who aren’t wearing the appropriate clothing, guys with earrings and last of all and most recently, they are looking for any students with dye hair. Recently, I saw one of the teacher scolding two students and she was saying one of the student said that she dyed her hair ‘cuz it looks good on Rebecca Win and the teacher said. well, Rebecca Win isn’t from our university is she? (Actually she was a UFL student who major in Japanese but I think she graduated by now. Now that I think about it, one of the girl from Bambino is attending UFL and I wonder if she also gets into trouble for her dyed hair. )

more on Mady June’s Blog

Basically I love Buremse culture. But after seeing such an exaggerated and extremist activites of sick people, I have been reluctant to stay in that society.

I have a question. Where is Burmese culture, Burmese curries and Burmese religion originated from? Own-grown or imported?

Mady June’s Blog


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