ACE sushi, Franchisee and Bankruptcy

Posted on: June 29, 2007

I have already heard this sort of news through my contacts from America. Now I learnt more details. Read through the following story.

Dear all,

i worked with ACE sushi (Franchisee) before our Pick’n Save
store Grandopening (slow time),after that, i got sale around 2300 $
per week, then..they take it back from me…as of the franchi law
said, No reason or Reason they can take it back anytime…

so i lost my franchisee Fee, all my investment and everything is

also, everymonth i got sale about arround more than $(10,000)
(including delivery store), i only got arround 2500$ paycheck for
only 4 months (i worked for 10 months), everymonth they arranged to
charged for useless item what they sent it to your store..,
we did all what we can do better get sale… but alway fucking
complaint , and don’t care about their Franchisers , they(ACE) were
real (Chit Tee, burmese words) selfish ace…

i heard and i can proof about 3 or 4 stores they take it back
Finally , after they took it back to my sushi store, i got filed
Bankrupty right away..before i have 3 cars, one house , 6000 $ cash,
all gone… only i have left one car and my house ,, (bcox i work 2
jobs) the other job was save to my life back.

believe it or not (Good Job ACE aka AMG Company)

if u need anymore question , i will be happy to answer to do not work
with ACE Sushi…

414-2324587 (waylwintzin@…)

also i will try to write article (by burmese) about that nighmare Ace
crisis , to post to media,,

bcox everybody though Sushi busines is can make a lot money.. and
nobody mention to as scary busines , especialy ACE Sushi..

ok thanks to read my mail. and

pls forward the best you can…


Former ACE Franchisee Businese Owner ..wah ha…ha…

Source: myanmarburmese Yahoo Group


2 Responses to "ACE sushi, Franchisee and Bankruptcy"

Sorry to hear your story

Listen up People, “Sushi” business is getting sucks and not

used to like before. No matter how you provide for AFC sushi

or ACE sushi, it is getting unfortunate. Difficult to find the right

people to work for sushi-bar and percentage are getting low

too. Also, the people that affiliated with the company do not

help you when you have a problems with the market.

You are not really a contractor or own a franchise. They do not

watch your back, what ever problem come up you deal with

the market, not them. Because the don’t want to get involved,

due to the fact that they don’t want to loose their “sushi-

Bar”. Insted, loosing you from the market. This business is not

guaranteed or has no security for your life. It propably

dissapear the next day and you got nothing left.

becareful what you are doing people

I know how you feel.Not only ACE,AFC also Hissho,Sushi Avenue all same.They are blood sucking Co.So fer no one can help us just wait and suffer for survive.

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