Motor Car restriction in Myanmar

Posted on: August 21, 2007

In Myanmar, I don’t know why people have less chance to use automobiles. Government has restricted motor car import for decades with unknown reason ( I mean they never explain people in proper way) . Now again, the government rose the fuel price to a sky high. With unknown reason again. I thought that Myanmar people will be going to be economic relief to some extend when I heard that more and more gas reserve are discovered in Burmese offshore. I am wrong. (One Burmese fellow has made a joke,,, someone at top position in government had no chance to ride a car when he was young. So he hates cars from his core and also hates to see people using cars. So now he tries to ban using cars during his time. It maybe true because when Hitler was young, he was suppressed by some Jewish people. When he got a power, he killed millions of Jewish people)

Thousands of Myanmar people are working abroad. Many of them can provide nation’s car and fuel needs. But government neglects that resource.

Oversea Myanmars want to send back part of salary to their families back home. State own Foreign exchange bank takes ridiculous tax (or high service charge) on the revenue coming in. So who is the loser?

Opposition leaders in Myanmar warned Monday (August 20th) of possible unrest over rising fuel prices that have sent prices on public transport in the impoverished country skyrocketing.

Myanmar’s ruling military junta imposed a surprise 100% hike on fuel at state-owned gas stations on Wednesday (August 15th) last week. The move was followed by increases in bus fares and commodity prices. The government did not give reasons for the increase. Source:

I would suggest Myanmar is no longer good place to live. For general public, poor electricity supply, poor transport system, poor education system (there is no discussion and argument approach in Myanmar education system, just one way teaching), and poor services. It is understandable that Many young people are going abroad, settling in foreign countries.

Leaving Myanmar is a kind of peaceful revolution. I like that.


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