One-stop-shop=Myanmar Cupid?

Posted on: October 18, 2008

One-stop-shop=Myanmar Cupid?

Obviously it is not true. But when I read about the fact the One-stop-shop is a forum for invitation user only, this made me remember Myanmar cupid forum which is also for an invitation user only. The well-known reason is that web site was not able to cope with the traffic demand. Some people said it is to prevent spammers.

Myanmar cupid was launched in early 2006. Well known founders are nick names Bagyi Toke and Love Mg Mg, now already retired. It used to be sexually orientated web site with many pornographic images and video links. The number of members had been ever rising with many on-line users 24 hour round. It also acts as one of the main information centres with many up-to-date secret news about Burma from celebrities’ gossip to military general’s affair with actress.

In 2007, web site’s policy was changed. Pornography was restricted. No longer for new members. Later, it was absolutely changed to a social net work. But until now, many web users beleive that Myanmar cupid is porno site and it is for indecent people, which is not true. Up-to date and reliable news are available on Myanmar Cupid but it is now only for invitation members only.

Obviously, One-stop-shop is for fraudsters. On the other hand, Myanmar Cupid is for genuine news hunters. Not equal despite the same at the nature of access.

The web traffic on shows a downward trend in 2008

This is the news about online fruasters

A secret international website described as a “one-stop shop” for online fraudsters buying and selling stolen credit card details has been shut down after a series of raids around the globe, police said yesterday.

Nearly 60 people, including 11 in Britain, have been arrested in connection with the DarkMarket forum, which operated for almost three years selling personal data such as online banking details, as well as allowing criminals to exchange information about how to commit fraud.

The site, which could only be accessed by invitation, sold passwords to social networking and online email sites and electronic hardware. It was closed down on Thursday night after undercover FBI officers infiltrated it and spent nearly two years identifying the key users. The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), which led the UK arm of the operation, called DarkMarket “one of the most pernicious online criminal forums in the world”. Source


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